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    The consortium was founded with the aim to jointly build a new quality, using the potential of affiliated companies while protecting their interests at the same time.
    The key activities of Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster encompass:

    • assistance in finding business partners,
    • establishment of direct contact with European and Emirati companies,
    • exchange of information on the economic conditions, local markets, etc.
    • representation of member companies at the selected trade fairs in Europe and the UAE,
    • support in raising funds from European programs,
    • promotion and protection of the interests of member companies,
    • representation of member companies,
    • dissemination of knowledge on the benefits associated with the development of European-Emirati business cooperation.


    Technology Transfer

    With steadily growing demands of consumers, shortening life-cycle of technologies, and increasing competition, companies must constantly look for innovations and implement new solutions. Nevertheless, this process is complicated and will be successful only if it is efficiently implemented into business practice. Integrated actions constitute common set of experiences.
    We operate in key areas for EEBD:

    • Green Energy
    • Recycling and waste management
    • Sustainable transport
    • Smart City,
    • Raw material management
    • Medicine and pharmacy
    • Innovative technologies aiming at environmental protection.


    Investment projects

    When conducting business in the EU countries and Dubai, we build relationships between entrepreneurs and potential investors from around the world. We make every effort to ensure that the funded projects are characterized by a potentially high profitability and limited risk to provide investors with the safety of their capital.
    Cluster’s financial services are coordinated by a Closed-End Fund of Non-Public Assets created with the aim of introducing solutions tailored to the needs of investors, in particular by offering unique and innovative investment opportunities, combining financial, legal and tax aspects for optimal allocation of financial resources.

    Economic exchange

    Optimised and responsible relations in export and import of goods, services and exchange of experiences, guarantee growth to individual companies as well as to entire economies through e.g.:

    • finding a market outlet  for local products and services,
    • promotion of solutions on an international scale,
    • acceleration of the modernization of the economy,
    • stimulating faster development of the industry,
    • improving workforce skills,
    • reducing unemployment,
    • access to more goods and services,
    • the possibility of rational use of resources and productive forces.


    Reduction of poverty and social exclusions

    Coherent and happy society is  a crucial condition for the growth of economy. Therefore, our activity includes:

    • providing temporary accommodation centers for the needy in Europe,
    • creating jobs on the local markets,
    • providing the most essential products in a controlled manner.

    The last activity consists in distribution of mobile phones functioning as a digital wallet. The recipients will be able to do shopping in selected points of sale, and the givers will top-up the balance remotely and monitor the expenses. Such solution excludes brokers and transport costs, and as a result the funds will directly reach those in need. Additionally, the devices will be a part of the accessible telemedicine and localisation system. 


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