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    The activities of Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster are coordinated by Green Energy Cluster and Smart IT Cluster.


    Green Energy Cluster was created in order to popularize new energy culture based on efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective energy technologies, in terms of both information and transportation. Green Energy Cluster deals with implementation of new technologies and organisational solutions for generation of energy from renewable sources: wind, water, solar radiation, biogas, geothermal energy and development of Smart Grid.

    Priority tasks performed within the area of green energy are as follows:

    • economic development of the member companies,
    • monitoring of technological trends, B2B cooperation and technology transfer,
    • improving mechanisms of financing innovative companies and projects,
    • social and marketing campaigns,
    • attracting foreign and national investors,
    • taking legislative initiatives and lobbying the development of renewable energy infrastructure.

    Smart IT Cluster constitutes a platform for cooperation of research and development entities in public and private sector. It focuses on initiatives with the aim to support the development of innovative technologies as well as their dissemination on both Polish and European market.

    Smart IT Cluster, as a part of EEBD, is responsible for:

    • integration of technological solution environments,
    • promotion of sustainable urban development (Smart City)
    • promotion and implementation of Smart Grid concept,
    • implementation of smart metering system (Smart Metering),
    • conducting scientific research, market and databases analysis - cooperation with research and development centers,
    • acquisition of new technologies, knowledge and capital,
    • identification of administrative and trade barriers.


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